Matt Richard

Aspiring tour player

“Carson works great with all of his students and shows a genuine care in teaching the game.  We have made so much progress through the years and it has been a constant learning experience.  Carson Makes the game simple while keying in on fundamentals that have produced results.  His young and energetic demeanor makes the practice tee something I look forward to  each time we meet. Thanks for making the game SIMPLE! ”

Garrett Whitmore

Former Division I golfer; JMU Golf

“By making GOLF SIMPLE, you become more in touch with your swing, your game, the way golf SHOULD be played. Carson Henry has created a plan to incorporate these things into your practice plan to lower your scores and make golf more enjoyable. He makes golf more fun and simple, but also more realistic. As a former Division 1 player, I fully embrace these teaching methods -- this is truly the future of the game of golf."

Congratulations Matt!

Matt won the 2013 Santee Cooper CC SCGA one day event as the low gross Champion!


The first of many victories!

Seth Ricketts

CRYCC Club Championship runner up; 1 handicap

“I told Carson I was having issues with my putting and after a few minutes of observation he gave me one simple adjustment.  My handicap dropped 3 strokes from a 4 down to a 1.”

Bart Stolp

CRYCC Member


I am all too pleased to provide a testimonial for your website since I feel much credit is due to your teaching me the golf basics.  For seven years I have been struggling to learn this game and it was not until you simplified the complex 'checklist before stricking the ball' that it finally started to click and I finally began to understand the basics of this game”

Sharon Somers

CRYCC Member


“In my 30 years of golfing Ive had many instructors, but Carson's style was the most effective for me.  He is a natural teacher.  He observes, then suggests and will demonstrate as necessary.  What I most enjoy about carson's teaching method, is that he can verbalize what changes one needs to make that can be easily understood by the student.  I would hgihly reccomend Carson as a golf instructor.  He has helped my game tremendously and made golf fun again!"

Taylor Fields

Washington College student; 

amatuer golfer

“I played golf for about a year at around a 28 handicap.  It only took one lesson with Carson for that to start trending downward.  The score wasn't the only thing I was pleased with.  Carson's simple, easy, and straight forward approach had me striking the ball and liking the shape of my shot.  He fixed my slice, added distance, and made something out of nothing when it came to my short game.  Over the course of 6 months with Carson, i dropped from a 28 handicap to a 13.  By june, Carson had me play in my first tournament.  He makes the swing simple and the game less intimidating.  He grows apprecitiation for the game and makes it fun.”