Carson’s enthusiasm for instruction began early, through years of teaching, mentoring, and coaching youth at summer camps and later where he was the principal instruction al lead at Robins Junior Program at Independence Golf Course in Virginia.



What he learned from these early instructional years was that golf instruction is best taught in a relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere. Carson strives to bring the fun and comfort of a “summer camp” to his teaching style.  He has a very approachable and reassuring demeanor.


Carson’s teaching philosophy is centered on playing golf and improving score within your own comfort zone.  With a strong playing background, he has learned that solid fundamentals paired with a calm, focused mental state can bring success on the golf course and will provide consistency under pressure. 


Finally, Carson believes he is most effective in “on-course” instruction.  He likes to encourage his students to consider instruction on the golf course as often as possible in order to gain true fairway experience and course management strategies.  From there he is able to develop personalized mental exercises and practice plans that maximize potential.



Club Performance


Carson took a keen interest in the physics of golf early on.  Attaack angle, spin rate, dynamic loft, shaft flex and bend point, all became variables in an ever-changing mathematical equation unique to each individual.  A passion for working to fit each of these variables to every individual golf swing is a passion that compliments Carson’s instructional abilities. 


With a keen understanding of the interrelated aspects of club fitting parameters coupled with an intimate knowledge of swing dynamics, Carson is uniquely able to combine many complicated aspects of the game into an individualized prescription for your golf game in a relaxed atmosphere.